About Kaeley

Kaeley Triller Harms is Co-founder of Hands Across the Aisle Women’s Coalition, decan international bipartisan group of women united by their shared opposition to gender identity based legislation and policy, which they consider an affront on the hard-fought sex-based protections of women and girls.

A sexual abuse survivor, Kaeley was fired from her job of 17 years when she opposed a policy allowing men into girls’ locker rooms. She has written extensively on the subject, her articles appearing in The Federalist, National Review Online, Decision Magazine, and newspapers across the country.

Kaeley self-identifies as a pro-life Christian conservative feminist who rarely fits neatly into pre-approved boxes of any party or tribe. She is a Truth teller, envelope pusher, grace chaser, Jesus follower, writer, wife, mom, ENTP (the debater), and lover of words aptly spoken.

2 thoughts on “About Kaeley

  1. Someone should give you exactly what you deserve you disgusting piece of filth. You are one of the most repulsive women I have ever come across.


    1. Keep doing what you’re doing Kaeley. Someone needs to point out the “emperor is not wearing any clothes.” Just because an increasing number of people reject objective reality, doesn’t mean we need to follow suit. Thank you so much.


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